Workshops are designed to inspire, empower and engage individuals to get the best from life by improving the success and effectiveness of work and help people find the key to outstanding results.

I offer the following trainings:

  • How to communicate well with different people – Excellence Communication in Action
  • Going forward with excellence by increase your Personal power – Focus on Core Strengths
  • How to become a better Connector – learn proven strategies from Insights
  • How to  master your leadership adventures  and improve your Leadership Effectiveness
  • How to implement advanced model of Four Manifestations of Leadership
  • Networking and relationships – building your community and increasing opportunities
  • How to solve the conflict by special “open space” approach

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All of these sessions are tailored around your needs.

I have the following professional qualifications and credentials:

  • International certificate Insights Practitioner of Personal and Team Effectiveness. I completed training in Hungary, Britain, Germany and United States (since year 2004).
  • Training Leading and coaching across cultures (Certification Cultural Orientations Framework) by Philippe Rosinski, Rosinski & Company, 2011.
  • Accredited Coach Training Program – NLP Master Coach by NLP trainers Tatjana Dragulić and Kurt Andersen, Glotta Nova, 2011.
  • Introduction level CL1 Alba EmotingTM method (creator of Susana Bloch), Coral Mind, 2013.
  • Certified Master Trainer of NLP by Axel Persello (IAFI Argentina), 2014.
  • Completed training called La Bioneuroemoción® (Módulo 1: Bases de la Bioneuroemoción and Módulo 2: PNL aplicada a la Bioneuroemoción) by Enric Corbera (Enric Corbera Institute), 2014-2015.
  • Advanced Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis by Axel Persello, IAFI, 2014.
  • Ontological Coach (Cursos de coaching ontológico) by Gloria De Luca and Mara Maggi, Coaching 3D m&d, 2014.
  • Certified Trainer of Taquion by internationally recognised expert Graciela Astorga and Daniel Cuperman in Argentina, 2015.
  • International Coaching Certification Training (CERTIFICACIÓN INTERNACIONAL EN COACHING ICC) from International Coach Community by Carolina E. Lopasso, Quantum, 2015.
  • Mentor Coaching Training by Damián Goldvarg and Norma Perel de Goldvarg, Goldvarg Consulting Group, 2015.
  • Transition Network Train the Trainers from Transition Network Ltd, 2017.
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