I am reputed Transformational and Leadership Coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

I empower people to be the very best they can be, whatever situation they find themselves in, by supporting them through the process of setting goals, raising awareness, changing perspectives, taking control, celebrating successes and learning from the full cycle experience. I support my clients by providing them with the tools, structure, focus and accountability that helps them to accomplish more.  They become more productive, profitable, satisfied and happy as a result of the coaching relationship.  So many of us are so busy putting out fires that we don’t create opportunity for ourselves and live our vision personally or professionally.  As a coach I work to ensure that they maximize their potential and achieve powerful results. All I ask is commit to the process of coaching, learning and reaching their potential (which does worry some people who are scared of success).Picture1The benefits of coaching:

From doubts to SELF CONFIDENCE.
From procrastination to ACTION/RESULTS.
From excuses to LEADERSHIP.
From frustration to SUCCESS.
From doubts to SELF CONFIDENCE.

Areas covered in coaching:

  • personal growth and transformation
  • staff management & leadership
  • finding your happiness
  • maximising your potential
  • gaining clarity
  • relationships
  • confidence & self-belief
  • wellbeing & self-care
  • motivation & goal setting
  • productivity & performance
  • work-life balance and career
  • organisation skills

Please contact me for coaching rates.

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