About Darja

People usually see the changes as negative, I belong to those people who love changes and I consider them as an accelerator of my work…. My abundance is the richness of experience and the connection with the people. I am simply driven by personal growth, expansion and making a positive difference in the world.

  • I have multicultural experiences, working and living in six different countries, including Malta, Turkey, India, Sweden, Argentina and Switzerland. For more than four years I had been living in Buenos Aires. During that time, I started working with  partners in Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Panama, Paraguay and Colombia. I  worked with more than 20 international mentors in a personal way… All of these countries have shaped me into the international person I am today.
  • In Europe, I delivered workshops in London, Paris, Dublin, Brussels, Warshaw, Lisbon, Germany and Vienna. I also had workshops in New York and Toronto.
  • For the last three years I am a certified Trainer of Taquion by internationally recognised experts Graciela Astorga and Daniel Cuperman in Argentina.

I received the recognition of the Exceptional Women of Excellence in The Hague.

I am a Member of the following organizations:

  • International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • International Association of Coaching (IAC)
  • Federación International de Coaching Ontológico Profesional (FICOP)
  • Comunidad Internacional de Coaching (ICC)
  • SNLP – Slovene NLP Association
  • International Association of NLP (www.redpnl.net)