Journey through the Spiral of Success

Are you on your way to your greatest success? It's time to know how to do get better results in your life?
• Do you sometimes get stuck in a situation that you feel trapped under so much stress and pressure that you do not know a proper solution for you?
• Do you feel like you are missing out on excellent opportunities for good connections, but you do not know how to achieve this?
• Are you interested in turning your passions into your life, even though you do not have the tools to make this change?
• Are you more than ready to break through the constraints by gaining new powers of realization and more commitment in your life?

Join me at this retreat, where you will discover:
• Identify the steps behind the most extraordinary results, make powerful choices, envoke your capacity for acting wisely and take initiative.
• Overcome all barriers to personal success at any stage of the carrier by taking you through the best training route to maximise results in your life and refresh a long-term sustainable business, based on your unique circumstances.
• Increase awareness on how to get tasks done more quickly by building inner power sources and creating a real personal impact, significantly enhance your own personal development and create sustainable inner and outer change.
• Discover the business “happiness” secret of personal wisdom, strengthen practical skills by coming up with new ideas in order to make significant changes in performance on the basis of goal-oriented motivation.

... And you'll discover:
• Exactly what you need to reach outstanding performance and success in your life by conscious choices.
• »Hidden inner power treasure« which is achievable and more valuable than you imagine.
• »With the spiral of success« you will find the quickest route - with fewest obstacles - to the realization of your inner potentials.

This Online Retreat is for you, if you are:
• Serious about taking your business and life to the next level in the fastest way possible
• Committed to pursue what you truly love to do or what you are truly passionate about
• Willing take to action towards growing your practice, creating a lasting legacy and living life on your terms as an excellent professional.


It is a practical intensive retreat for discovering internal sources of power and creating a real success.

This is a transformation process when you get an excited experience to learn move forward your success and make huge progress for the next step.

Retreat includes powerfull strategies to move from cycle of overworking and burnout to deeper integration of most wonderful meaningful life.


Darja Zorko Mencin an International Insights Trainer Speaker, Certified transformational Coach and Mentor, with over 20 years of experience, empowering individuals, companies, teams, and organizations to reach their highest potential. Her mission is to empower as many ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs as possible to reach their full potential and help them make their great ideas come true.

She strives to help others find their passion, purpose and confidence in their lives. She has worked with all management levels. As a highly intuitive and perceptive person, she is able to assist her clients in exploring deeper levels of self-awareness, by providing coaching and facilitation strategies to turn individuals into high-impact leaders and effectively improve team work to boost performance results.

Darja has multicultural experience, working and living in five different countries such as Malta, Turkey, India, Sweden and Argentina. She attended a variety of workshops about personal development, problem solving, and career success. More than four years she had been living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she discovered and researched extensively about this spiral method. During this time, she has presented this workshop and many others in Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Panama, Paraguay and Colombia. From 1st of January 2018 she has been living in Geneva. Such workshops she delivered in London, Paris, Dublin, Brussels, Lisbon, Warshaw, Stuttgart, Baasem, New York, Toronto and Vienna.

Client Testimonials:

»Workshop Spiral of Success with Darja helped me get more clarity on my new Ile Maison project - platform that brings together leaders & visionaries in holistic home & elevated lifestyle industry. I truly enjoyed every step of this program, learnt and discovered new things about myself, my goals, and dreams. It also helped me let go of things that don’t serve me anymore and were distracting me from choosing new and better path. Spiral of Success is perfect tool if you are starting a new project, new chapter, looking for more clarity in life etc. Darja is a beautiful soul and great coach to guide you in your journey to success. I also truly enjoyed songs she was playing while we were working on the spiral. Thank you, Darja!!!«

Ilona Lee,
Founder & CEO at Île Maison/Co-Founder at Global Hills Group, New York, USA

»I went to workshop Spiral of Success when I was at a crossroads in my professional life, I did not know how to make a progress and I was looking for a solution for my future career. At that time I was working as an Executive Director in Toronto, but I wanted to return back to Slovenia. This is really a life changing experience, I was very surprised with the results at the end of workshop. Whole approach is just amazing. Moreover, I was surprised that I was able to achieve what I wanted in only a few months. Darja also helped me improve the results through transformational coaching sessions.

I recommend her to all persons who are committed and want to get a different perspective with specific practical orientations. If you want to take your mindset, energy and business to the next level, I highly recommend attending this workshop.«

Simon Pribac, B.A. Hons.

International Relations at Hadriae Tau, Slovenia

»I was really sceptical about taking workshop Spiral of Success on board firstly. But I think, it was the best decision I ever took for my business. The big AHA MOMENT was when I recognized that I have to work on myself first in order to become more successfully in business.  I struggled desperately with the decision how to make a balance between work and family, how to get more paid clients, how to react in difficult situations... and much more. During the process I came to the conclusion that I have a lot more potencials to do better with organizing the work. She is there supporting me through thick and thin and has been a beacon of light in my growth.

After a few months working with Darja I achieved really amazing results. Let me allow to have a little bit of praise... I have more than 150 customers in 7 different countries, I am really satisfied. Thank you so much.«

Suzana Crassard

Owner at Traductrice/ Interprèt, Paris, France

»I attended the workshop “Spiral of Success” in Toronto, Canada. It was a really wonderful experience. I think this workshop is really for everyone and anyone. No matter if you’re just starting out in life or already a living success story, this will make a positive change in anyone’s life. Darja is a professional transformational coach with a very diversed background! I was even more lucky to have had the chance to work with her more personally in coaching sessions. Looking forward to her next visit back to Toronto!«

Alex Wong

Owner at Saburau Renovations Ltd., Toronto, Canada

»Darja, I would like to let you know that I got a well-paid job from the beginning of August, I'm so happy. It's a very challenge job in the company I wanted. Every day I feel much more better/secure/satisfied, I believe that everything will be fine. I decided to work with Darja, when I lost my job after 20 years of work. After failures in different job interviews I felt overwhelmed, burned out, stressed and trapped by such difficult circumstances. I completely lost my self-confidence. With Darja's support I made a precise revision of my own life and set standards of success, defined necessary actions from the point of resources view and focused on the work that I liked. The biggest breakthrough for me was that I got high level of courage through the Spiral, I opened up for new opportunities and obtained new impetus for my personal growth, I learned to master fears, communicate better with people. Regarding on Spiral of Success, I am convinced that this helped me a lot, it was the happy coincidence - it was an impactful experience where I finally opened my eyes to focus on the brighter future, do what I liked and do not maturate with fears. Today, I'm completely different person with the right combination t. i. the inner and outer strategies, I make my life full of happiness and fulfillment. Thank you so much! I really recommend it.«

Antonio Luis Javorsek,

Senior Accounting Consultant, Buenos Aires, Argentina

»Darja, I wanted to tell you that I did IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship Competition!! I am so proud of this success. I learned how to master my potencials. At the end of the preparation, I was injured, I had a slightly inflamed attachment on my left ankle, but I still had a time to recover (massage, taping and a rest). So during that critical time I was focused to strengthen my self-esteem with the powerfull elements from my Spiral of Success. I believe that "Spiral of success” is a tool to get your focus on your goal, concentration and confidence that you can manage to cope with your obstacles. I combined this technique with hypnosis (fear of deep cold water) and yoga (breathing).

Every time I need some push I visualise a spiral that is turning to the goal and find more motivation to get there. Before the competition I visualise some parts of the track and concentrate on some things (breathing, food or energy loading, technique of running) to get more confidence. With those practical tools I am sure that in the future I will manage all challenges with joy, as well.«

Janika Gregoric Zecevic, Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Police, Slovenia

»On Friday, I attended the workshop Spiral of Success, led by Darja. It is a very strong and profound experience in which I have received answers about myself, my goals and values. I've been looking for the last 5 years... I've changed the branches from marketing, sales, design, and a couple of others... And nowhere and never did I really feel that genuine satisfaction...The results are good, everywhere, but a durable nowhere! It is just unusually nasty! I focused on the field of spirituality, personal development and alternative treatment.

Now I meditate regularly, I work on myself and perform healing, because I want to become an ever stronger channel of energy with the goal of serving people and helping people to raise their vibration. It's a completely different dimension! Finally, I found the right path of my excellency for me.«

Marjan Rijavec

Pranic Healing Therapist, Slovenia

»I chose on line EXCLUSIVE ON-LINE RETREAT called »Journey through the Spiral of Success«, because I wanted to achieve results in completely new area of my professional work.

It was carried out on-line, but the real added value of Spiral was the same as in workshop. Darja led me through the process step by step with a great empathic feeling and her powerfull energy. I got a clear insight into my benefits and I managed to get »helpers« for my personal growth - a deep reflection how I get results  with the support of other people which was a completely new insights for me.. Before I never think in this way. In fact I opened my eyes for another way of working. And more important, it was a opportunity to connect  with my limited beliefs and fears and helping to overcome them. I really recommend this approach which allows us to move further our successful behaviours and takes proper actions for better future.«

Božena Blanuša

Points of You®Trainer, Consultant, Therapist, Slovenia

»I just gave myself a chance... I have always been thinking rationally. And was skeptical about “mistic internal power”. So my meeting with the “Spiral of Success” was rather accidental – I did not know what it is gonna be about, I just went for another meeting by Vital Voices Chapter Poland. At that time I had a turbulent time with my professional career, so when Darja presented what the “Spiral of Success” is about, I just said to myself: “It is funny, but why not?” And with every step into my “Spiral” I felt I was diving deeper and deeper, with my brain being open and illuminated by ideas how to reach my goal. The feeling was so strong, that when the exercise finished I had a clear roadmap in my head. And I wanted to execute it instantly – but it was 10.30 p.m…. I returned home, went to bed, but I could not sleep – the Spiral touched me so deeply! I have never experienced such illumination before of. So early morning (after the sleepless night) I wrote my “to do” list and I followed it over next days/weeks.

Do you want to know what my goal was? I wanted to set up an organization of professional women supporting other women, but since I have never set up any association I did not know how to start it. And I was full of hesitations if anybody would follow me… After 6 months from the “Spiral” my Association had a big inauguration with 100 guests, we are attracting new members after every event, the energy and enthusiasm which we experience doing all this things is incredible! Just visit our website and you will see that the dream came true! Darja – thank you for coming to Warsaw and sharing your “treasure”!

Joanna Kaczyńska
Co-Foundress and President of “Ekspertki Razem” Association, Warshaw, Poland

»It's a lot of benefits... such as entering the channels of the unconscious mind and unlimited creative imagination. One of the most important thing is that during of workshop I was able overcome with some anchors of negative beliefs from the past.
I found the my way how to improve the connection with my partner and working together well. At the end I integrated my long-term vision. I would like to add that specially chosen music during workshop was addressed by my auditing channel in a amazing way and I was able to get really wonderfull results – directions for my futher work in my various professional areas, and also as an author of the book: Connection between running and personal development.«

Beno Arnejčič, Dr.
Anthropologist of human psyche in motion, a psychologist and teacher of rhetoric that comes from the heart, University teacher, Primorska University, Slovenia

»I attended workshop »Spiral of Success« during the period when I was thinking intensely about leaving the corporate job in order to start my own business path. I felt that my heart and my life were calling for a new career, but with this decision was associated a lot of fears, doubts and ambiguities. Somehow I was in total chaos and felt trapped in a prison–like corporate culture. There were changes, both from the outside and from the inside. So many ideas about the future »life« project, but I was not sure how to make key steps, whether it should be the right time, etc. Through the workshop, I made a great deal of clarification of some doubts, finally I realized that I had enough internal sources of power. In fact, I found out that I need more confidence in the realization of my entrepreneurial idea and outlined the concrete steps forward life by obtaining resources, which I am now implementing. With mix of strategies and energy work, I unlocked my way to combine all important elements of success: my mindset, heart and gut. I achieved a lot of relief with wonderfull feeling – I was able to turn a new chapter in order to become an "creative painter" of my own life.«

Alenka Megušar
Co-Founder BRC Team, Slovenia

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After payment you can IMMEDIATELY join me on a magical, transformational journey into the awesome power of success. You will receive a recorded videos via email, guidance note, material and cards for working with the spiral. During this retreat you will create your own Spiral of Success with the specific music and using various cards, and you will discover your hidden potential in yourself. In doing so, you able to do your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming and achieving it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live without internal barriers and blockades.

SPIRAL OF SUCCESS is a simple and innovative way to your personal and business excellence.

It's worth knowing!

Excellent opportunity for you.
Let’s grow, succeed, and thrive together!

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